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Current Listening 1.2

Two new releases that I have been eager to hear.

Lauren Chandler “The Narrow Place”

Matt Boswell “Messenger Hymns Vol.1” 


Current Listening 1.0

Vertical Church Band – “Live Worship from Vertical Church”


(Chord Charts)

Check out this video of “Not For a Moment” one of my favorites from the record.

Bethel Live – “Be Lifted High”

(Chord Charts)

Check out this video of “Love Came Down” one of my favorites from the record.

Sojourn – “The Water and the Blood”

Water And The Blood

(Chord Charts)

Check out this video on “The Water and the Blood” from Sojourn talking about their heart for the record.

Gear 101 – Electric Guitars/Amps/Pedal Boards

We’ve got a lot of great guitar players who serve and that share the stage with us weekly. Here is a list of some of the gear that they use collectively.


Fender American Deluxe Telecaster
Fender Japanese Telecaster 60s reissue
Gibson ES-335
Fender Telecaster Plus


Bad Cat Cub II-(Head made by Branham Amps)
Branham Amp 15watt hand wired Combo
Fender Blues JR
Dr. Z Z best 2×10 Cabinet
Avatar Vintage G1x12 Cabinet
TopHat Club Royale 2×12
Vox AC15HTVH AC15 Handwired Head
Vox AC15 1×12 Alnico Blue Cabinet



Pedal Train Jr and Pt2

Chain of Pedals

Wah (Morely Bad Horsie)
Tuner (Boss TU-2)
Volume Pedal (Ernie Ball Jr.)
Heavy overdrive (OCD-Fulltone)
Overdrive/ Cleanboost ( Tim pedal)
Tremolo (Keeley modded Tr-2)
Delay (TC Electronics Nova Dealy)
Reverb (Eelctro Harmonix Holy Grail Nano)
Reverb (Boss RV-5)
Delay (Boss DD-5/ External tap tempo)
Looper (Boss RC-2)
(All powered by a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2)

Korg Pitchblack Tuner
Fulltone Full-Drive 2
Fulltone OCD
Ernie Ball VP Jr.
Boss RV-3 Reverb
Boss DD-20 Delay
Boss DD-5
Road Rage Looper (Tonefactor)
(All powered by a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2)